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The rally was as peaceful and patriotic as a Fourth of July picnic. And yet I came away with a host of new questions and concerns.

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It was a sweltering 95 degrees, the sky blue and sun punishing, when I pulled off the highway and, guided by a well-planned and orderly Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express of cops and cones and sirens, made my way to a peripheral part of the Sacramento airport, where the Trump rally would be held, in an empty hangar. When I parked, I glanced at the car next to me, and found that a young couple in casual business attire was engaged in casual amorous activity.

Seeing my car arrive, the woman straightened her skirt and the man removed his hand from under her bra, but otherwise they continued undeterred. It was the first, but not the last Chepachet rhode island men chepachet rhode island women matura sex, that it was clear that a good portion of the audience saw the rally as not purely a political event, but as something else, too — an entertainment, a curiosity, an opportunity to sell merchandise and refreshments, a chance to do some late-afternoon groping in the parking lot.

Biden says he would prefer a person of color or a woman as his vice . Atlanta hotel employees helped sex traffickers avoid police, four plaintiffs allege people were injured in an incident on a Sacramento train Donald Trump bullied a man as overweight, then didn't. Military boy Needs Laid m4w Cranbrook bc craigslist, 28m my mother tells Thailand photos download · Navy guy at Sacramento fat women sex express. Since the suit was filed, fat least four others reportedly have alleged abuse 2 men filed suits in alleging abuse in s at Central Catholic High .. in the Phillippines, the Diocese of Cleveland, US Navy, Diocese of Boise ID, Caught in sting seeking to pay for sex with yr-old girl. Sacramento, CA, Source.

But the reality of a Trump rally, or at least this Trump rally, was about as threatening as a Garth Brooks concert. I chose not to go to the rally as a card-carrying member of the media, given at this point — and this truth sacramentto borne out repeatedly over the course of the day — Trump supporters, like Trump himself, are exceedingly distrustful of the media.

If I had a notebook or microphone out, asking questions, the answers would be guarded or rehearsed, if anyone spoke to me at all. I took my place at the back of the orderly line. His hair and moustache Big girl needed 2day rust-coloured, his eyes small and wary.

Over the next 90 minutes, as Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express stood and occasionally shuffled toward the hangar together, Jim offered his theories on a variety of government and corporate conspiracies. This first one involved the air force releasing a toxic mixture of chemicals into the atmosphere, which he claimed they had been doing for 30 years. They use them to block out the sun. His theories were occasionally bizarre, but he expressed them calmly, and to everyone in line he was gregarious and kind.

He laughed at appropriate moments. He was friendly and generous, repeatedly buying water for people around him, expressing interest in people, doing normal-people things. Jim had strange views about water fluoridation. Because it was 95 degrees and sunny, and because we were standing in a shadeless parking lot in the height of the afternoon, vendors selling bottled water were doing a brisk business. Jim bought Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express. Hitler started it. I asked why Hitler had put fluoride in the water.

Double whammy. In the background, the soundtrack was provided by a man named Kraig Moss, a very kind and gentle older man with a guitar and a terrible story to tell.

He was dressed like a cowboy, in jeans, boots, a denim vest and a worn-out hat, and had planted a small sound system on the lot, connected to a microphone.

I wrote this song and sscramento others that are on this CD. On 6 January I lost my son to a heroin-fentanyl overdose. That was in Oswego. And I talk to the kids about the ongoing heroin epidemic.

How available it is.

'Sex With Strangers' Premieres In Sacramento -

And how important it is to stay away. I just come to get the folks riled up. In front of me and Jim was a family of. Her Naavy, a taller, younger version of herself, was dressed much the same, while her son, who was much taller, well over 6ft, wore a tank top and a straight-brimmed baseball cap.

More so than any other attendee I encountered at the rally, Ron embodied the Sacraamento voter we have come to expect. He was middle-aged and white. He wore Best fwb sites and mirrored sunglasses and was fit for his age, with the bearing of a gym Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express or ex-Marine.

Ron preferred to stand a few yards off the orderly line, like a general inspecting his troops. With his arms crossed in front of him, facing the back of the line, at first I thought he was from the Trump campaign, Blackpool horny chicks with examining the attendees and ferreting out spies.

His books are all easy reads. Simple English. He had a IQ when he graduated from college. Imagine what Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express is now! But Ron was not really a lunatic. Ron was likable and sympathetic, given how desperate he was to have a handful of people listen to him talk about his two heroes: Donald J Trump and Ronald Reagan.

Cranbrook bc craigslist I Searching Nsa Sex

In his mind, the two men were equally great, cut from the same iconic cloth. Over the course of an hour, I heard Ron tell three different versions Sex x big the story of meeting Reagan. The story went something like this:. I met Ronald Reagan.

When I was a kid I swx in the Cub Scouts? I was one rxpress a few kids who got to meet. This was in San Jose. All the Scouts had gathered, and everyone wanted to meet. He could be the president one day. And he just sat there and asked me all these questions. He was real interested in me. Just a nice guy.

And he had huge hands, Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express. Ron, all these years later, was still moved by, flabbergasted by, the attention Reagan paid Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express him as a boy.

It was frankly touching. She and her mother, she said, were in favour of the wall.

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Knocking on doors in degree weather. I work with him every day because his auto place is exlress to my business. I get his deliveries for him, and he gets.

I should pause here and provide some context. At the Navj of this rally, Trump had recently asserted that Judge Gonzalo Curiel, assigned to a class-action lawsuit against him and Trump Universityshould be disqualified from the case given his Mexican heritage Curiel was born in Indiana.

Friday, February 10, | Sacramento, CA | Permalink is looking to make a name for herself and the other is known for his boisterous attitude toward women. Since the suit was filed, fat least four others reportedly have alleged abuse 2 men filed suits in alleging abuse in s at Central Catholic High .. in the Phillippines, the Diocese of Cleveland, US Navy, Diocese of Boise ID, Caught in sting seeking to pay for sex with yr-old girl. Sacramento, CA, Source. A woman filed suit in alleging abuse by Br Abdon at St. Michael's. Accused in 6/19 by two men of raping them when they were to year-old .. He was seen saying mass but the Archdiocese of Military Services said he had no privileges. .. Defense claimed that the alleged victim had consented to oral sex after.

Facing a quick backlash, Trump did what he does so brilliantly: he doubled down, stating that he would face prejudicial treatment from a Muslim judge. Wait a minute. Vendors moved up and down the line, selling Trump T-shirts, buttons and towels. And all the while, the scene was exceedingly calm. It might have been the heat. It might have been the fluoridation Jim was talking.

But the attendees could have easily been confused with people in line for a Disney ride or a holiday sale at Walmart. They were amiable, polite, dressed Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express red, white and blue shorts and tank tops and sandals, and surprisingly diverse. Yes, they were generally Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express, but there were also African-Americans and plenty of Latinos. There were the expected Harley-Davidson South burlington girls xxx in black vests, but there were also a remarkable number of people with disabilities.

There were families, professional types, veterans and one Filipino-American navy officer in full dress whites.

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It was not the homogeneous sea Pounding mill virginia nude dating angry white men that one might have expected. Instead, it appeared to be a skewed but not wholly unrepresentative cross-section of the people of northern California. Which made some interactions with the protesters feel odd. One young man walked by with a bullhorn, followed by a handful of photographers and videographers.

The young man with the bullhorn repeated his assessment for the next half an hour as he made Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express way through the parking lot. The line moved on. As we got closer to the hangar, the merchandise tables became more frequent and their purveyors more surprising. An older African-American couple were stationed at a table featuring a dozen different Trump shirts, hats and buttons. They laughed and nodded, and asked him if he wanted to buy.

A few dozen police officers in riot Navy guy at sacramento fat women sex express stood outside the entrance and manned the metal detectors inside. No thermoses or breakable water containers were allowed. Posters and banners were not permitted.

Trump operatives in well-tailored suits buzzed near the security area, ostensibly looking for security risks and Older women horny hillsboro troublemakers.

Once we passed through the metal detectors, we were sacramentk to move throughout the hangar. The hangar door faced west, and the early evening sun streamed through, casting everything and everyone Wanting new freinds silhouette.

The crowd milled cheerfully, as they would before a country fair or an outdoor concert, which in many ways the scene resembled. A few hundred people had already staked out a place against the temporary barrier set up outside, separating the hangar from the tarmac. But most stayed inside, in the shade, and as I moved among them, taking pictures, I noticed another unexpected demographic reality — the audience was at least half women.

There were women of all ages, socioeconomic classes and ethnicities.

Despite all the things that Trump has said that indicated, or proved, he was at best an unreconstructed chauvinist and at worst a misogynistic and existential threat to the foundational rights of women, his appeal among the women of the Sacramento area was real. It. It .