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Although it varies among the three different credit bureaus, a credit score between is considered good, with being the highest possible score.

Starting your landlord-tenant relationship on the right foot is important, and being late to appointments is not the way to do it. Do they answer your questions in a polite way? Do they get quarrelsome or defensive during the interview?

Take note of any personality traits that they display during the interview; remember that you will have an ongoing relationship with this person, and if your personalities clash, it might not be a good fit. If a prospect gets their application filled I looked at your rentalsbackground check paid for, and references sent to you within a day or two, you might have yourself a good tenant. The faster they get their documents to you, the better.

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Set a time frame and expect that they will get their documents to you within it. When you gather their personal information, job history should be one thing to look at closely.

Having a consistent job signifies that they have a steady income and are financially stable, two things that make a great tenant. People who return your phone calls and emails promptly usually make good tenants.

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Having a renter who is responsive and willing to work with you efficiently is a great sign. If the prospective renter answers the tough questions in a straightforward, upfront way, it may set your mind at ease.

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