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I am just here looking for some playfulness Want Nsa

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I am just here looking for some playfulness

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This video gives a brief history of how the origin of the computer can be traced back to people who made a wooden flute because it was fun!

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Albert Einstein is infamous for his playful approach that incorporated daydreaming, playing music and combinatory play into his process. I could go on and on loo,ing examples here, but Mr.

10 Ways to Make Your Life More Playful

Natural curiosity and playfulness are present in infants and children. Kids play and explore and discover purely for the sake of doing so, without a particular purpose or strategy in mind.

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People see it as the opposite of work as something childlike. It has too much lpoking offer us not to. This begs the question: What exactly does this playful approach look like?

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My way of being playful will probably be different than yours just as what sounds fun to you might not sound so fun to me. I visit my next door neighbor. I get moving and preferably outside!

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For me lookign the battle towards being playful is not thinking so much all the time and the best way for me to get my brain loosened up is to go for a walk or run or yoga class.

The occasional living room dance party will also do the trick.

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Making sure there are atleast a few things on my daily to do Interacial dating pennsylvania that I know I will enjoy — reading for 30 minutes has been checking this box lately. Wishing us all a more playful experience! My favorite is the one about Improv Everywhere - Talk about playful! How are you going to get all of this to work?

We try so hard to be important, to be the winner, to be powerful, to be rich, to be famous… Why? We start taking it all way too seriously. Along the way, we forget to play, we forget to laugh out loud at all this comedy.

Note to Self: Be Playful — EK Coaching

As individuals we are still largely valued on our productivity over anything. Any notion of play is playfulnezs largely seen as indulgent, a way to avoid responsibilities. Which is kind of backward, if you consider the idea that when you play, you are focused on something, and taking something to the last possible consequence.

Play is focussing. Play is collaborating and creating and imagining new ways of doing things, seeing out all possible avenues, and opening our minds up to a plethora of possibilities. It stresses the idea that we need to reclaim the playful childhood spirit that gets forced out of us in adult life.

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I say amen to. In adulthood, playing satisfies our lifelong need to understand what we are, how we interact with others, how we exist in an area, and how to get the most out of what is around us. We live in a world where self development has become homework, and happiness seems to have become a complicated physics equation that no one can quite seem to crack.

How to live playfully — The Playful Den

But what if the answer to all that, is not something we have yet to learn, but something we fundamentally have known since the minute we were born? Not responding to fear-based predictions of the future.

You can live a playful life and still make the intelligent, well-informed choices and decisions of a grown-ass woman. It means less lookong about future situations down the track, less looking back on things you wish you could change. Whatever it is, this should be part of your daily life, and never feel guilty for all the time you allow to it.

Allow yourself all of it. Allow yourself to taste it all. Allow yourself to remember what was so innate to you as a child. Their imagination is so powerful, and the way dream is an adventure of exploration. When olayfulness is wrong they react and defend themselves, but then they just let go and turn their attention to the moment again, to play again, to explore and have fun.

I am just here looking for some playfulness I Am Ready Sexual Partners

They are not ashamed of the past; they are not worried about the future…. The happiest moments in our lives are when we are playing just like children, we are singing and dancing, when we are exploring and creating just for fun. It is wonderful when we behave like a child because this is the normal human tendency.

As children, we are innocent and it is natural for us to express love. What as happened to the whole world?

Facebook Instagram. Previous Next. Last week I was meant to be setting off on an adventure on the other side of the world. So what does all this mean?

I Am Looking Vip Sex I am just here looking for some playfulness

So why do we lose our playfulness? Joy is not fashionable There Adult huddinge holdem 45, articles on melancholy and depression in specialized US psychology journals, says analyst Ricardo Goldenberg.

We clip childrens wings from a young age, in a million different ways. After I was sent home from the hospital, I had a lot of time to live it up in Club Bed and think about this idea of play and playfulness.

The Urgency of Playfulness - Salty Souls Experience

Totally responding to their own lives. To the absolute present. The real stuff. It just means being present more, responding directly to your own life. It means waking up energized, curious and hopeful.