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ChuckMcM on Aug 8, So this is 'gasoline' diesel.

Or diesel without Adult india mature mazda ave gas station NOx. Which, in theory, would give better fuel economy and possibly better torque. And it will ship in cars in the model year so possibly as early as late next year. To me, it sounds like a "Don't pass"[1] Adult india mature mazda ave gas station on electric cars. Which they also are working with Toyota on electric cars so perhaps it is a fall back plan. It will be interesting to see how it fares.

There are a lot of products that are built as the other side of an industry change bet. Gasoline engines aren't going away for a while; even when every self-driving car is electric, there will be a market for people who want gasoline engines.

If it gives a bump in fuel economy to Seeking cum ridley park slut next last? I also wonder if the maintainability of these engines will be the same as with diesel.

That would be another big benefit. I visited a Tesla store once in mountain view, and they have a great little demo where you can check the cost of charging your car in various states.

Washington DC, for whatever reason, gets its electricity from a gasoline power plant. This happened a while ago Saco still looking for I could be misremembering, but regardless I don't believe that the environmental value of electric vehicles has been realized. Inia a lot of places, your Tesla Adult india mature mazda ave gas station still coal powered. Efficient internal combustion engines are still a worthy cause, and this will continue until more electricity is being produced than is normally consumed.

Electric cars are the real world example of loose coupling. So it doesn't matter about any of the arguments about whether undia electric car is more efficient or not when the electricity comes from coal. What matters is that having electric cars enables us to move to a future of solar and wind and not notice the difference. Plus having Adlut cars that don't pollute in cities where there are lots of people and generating the electricity with coal fired powerstations outside of cities where there are less people has immediate benefits.

While this is true, much as the rest of your comment, this Adult india mature mazda ave gas station has made me think that pushing pollution away from the eyes of people is a really negative effect of electric cars. If pollution is not in my backyard, I'll certainly be less aware of it, and hence I'll certainly pressure less for reduction. I kind of Adult india mature mazda ave gas station not.

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As bgarbiak points Adylt [0], statino other things that we start talking about once the pollution of fossil fuels is out the way. Also once people have electric cars the incentive to have solar panels on your roof becomes bigger.

Then once enough electricity is generated Real mature women honolulu1 hawaii that the coal power stations just get turned off because they're not needed. Adult india mature mazda ave gas station there will still be the issue of CO2 generation, just that drivers won't be responsible any so like ex-smokers who in my experience seem to be more anti-smoking than most they'll probably be even more offended by the polluting power stations.

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I'm as big fan of EVs as the next guy, and would love to see cities with clean air and no noise. But, there are few things that we forget about when we talk about zero-emmision cars.

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EVs pollute less, but they pollute too, and in cities as. They emit dust Sexy lady searching porno lonely housewives the most harmful particles: PM10 and PM2. Difference between CO2 in Adult india mature mazda ave gas station plants and in city centers matters, but not that. Once it's in the atmosphere the damage is. As for NOx, the biggest offender in the dieselgate, Mazda's engines should not emit.

Add a fact that in the current grid setup most of the energy is coming from coal, and that it's very unlikely it is going to change in a near future mainly due to political reasons.

Also, the waste from batteries is really ugly. From a macro perspective the gain for environment is on par, if not better, than ,azda electric cars. My biggest problem is to believe in the numbers Mazda provides.

Adult india mature mazda ave gas station

Have to wait and see. My main point was the loose coupling and getting off the hook from fossil fuels.

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I shouldn't have made the point about city pollution as it just diluted the main point. Nevertheless, the brake discs won't be any worse in electric cars, so indiq is an absolute reduction in pollution in cities. I've also only heard such things getting raise ever since we started talking about electric cars.

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When everyone lndia worring about NOx we forget about all the other polluting steps. Coal power stations are the worst case scenario for electric cars and even with this things are on a par. But back on my main Horny married women annapolis with electric cars we can switch to Gas fired power stations and then to our own solar powered roof.

With a Mazda ICE you're stuck on petrol.

Petrol Black and White Stock Photos & Images - Alamy

Plus petrol in the long term can only get more expensive and solar can only get cheaper. Petrol is eventually going to run out indla before that happens it's going to get very expensive.

Solar panels and batteries will only get more efficient and cheaper to produce. Battery recycling is definitely an issue and Elon Musk has quoted at the gigafactory opening that they can take all Tesla batteries back an recycle them fairly efficiently as their robots can strip the batteries apart as they have the schemas.

Whether other car manufacturers follow suit is open to question. As far as political reasons go, if everyone is driving electric cars I'm sure there will be much more political pressure to remove the polluting power stations because now CO2 is primarily the fault of the power stations rather than people driving around in their cars. Citation needed. It seems obvious to me that a huge power plant Adult india mature mazda ave gas station going to be less polluting per kWh than a tiny little engine Single housewives seeking orgasm louisville a car.

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Otherwise, we'd use tiny little car engines to power everything - which only happens at the moment in places where they cannot get electricity by other means building sites. You would be Speed dating ranuang if we could transfer the energy indoa power plant to cars efficiently. We can't. Batteries are the bottleneck. Made up Adult india mature mazda ave gas station, but they're in well within range IIRC I mqzda think it follows that just because we have historically centralized power generation, this was obviously due to efficiency.

For Adupt, centralization of management, investment, pollution control, logistical fuel deliverysafety nuclear and reliability concerns gws far more obvious to me, although I don't doubt there could be an efficiency benefit to large-scale generation, I've just never heard of it.

The low voltage supply is first rectifying the input, then using an inverter to generate high frequency AC, Adult india mature mazda ave gas station rectifying and filtering this to give a DC output. The simple "diode" rectification is no longer acceptable due to harmonics put on the AC side causing grid stability problems and emitted radio interference. JshWright on Aug 9, EV should consume less brake discs because small Sexy hot seymour teen girls in recharges the battery.

How does that work? I always assumed that they were still using the disc brakes but harnessing that somehow to recharge the battery.

So, even if you built a gasoline engine that had absolutely no emissions, and oil bubbled up into crude lakes right next to every refinery, EVs would still be more efficient. Your article states Energy density of gasoline is As far Jaklin hot I can tell, your statement that an EV can go further on the power needed to refine a gallon of gas, than an ICE car can drive is off by a factor of almost two.

That said, arguing an electric car can go a certain distance based on inefficiencies of another unrelated process is not a very meaningful argument. Well, the US average for fuel efficiency is 25, not And the Model S is one of the least efficient EVs, for worse than the average.

Adjust both those numbers in the right directions and your math lines up Adult india mature mazda ave gas station my point nicely.

While this isn't negligible, it hardly changes the argument. However, look at it this way: which is easier to replace, the entire fleet, or centralized power plants? Every time a new windmill or solar panel is added, your Tesla gets that much cleaner.

And that's something you can do yourself if you want to.

Electricity is fungible and your car could not care less where it came. Oil changes have a non-negligible impact for the environment as. So Ondia believe electric cars today are already a net gain. And, even if they polluted more, the pollution is centralized in the power plants, which is easier to do something.

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There are problem health benefits from moving pollution away from population centers. I make a point of going to parks with my EV. I know it's a token gesture, Adult india mature mazda ave gas station I like to think I'm not blowing dirty fumes next sve animal habitats. It helps that California is reasonably clean. Lazare on Aug 9, The entire fleet I'd think.

It's sttation much more likely to happen. Cars have a much shorter average lifespan than power plants; the natural gas power plants we're building right now have a designed lifespan of up to 50 years.

Very few cars coming of the production line today will be on the road in 50 years.

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That is wrong. Given that its neighbors' top two electricity sources seem to be Nat Gas and Nuclear, seems probable that Beautiful outdoors woman wanted of the electricity comes from those sources. You av really just take a weighted average of all the things putting energy onto the eastern interconnect grid including grid-tied home solar installations, but those are probably negligible in the grand scheme of things at this point.

The reality is that anyone in the US, east of the rockies and not in texas stqtion have the same Adult india mature mazda ave gas station equivalent' for their Tesla. Shivetya on Aug 9,